Pursuing Vitality
Through a Full, Active
and Purposeful Life

Whatever your age, you are never too old to learn new things, experience new foods or regain stability and stamina through specialized programs designed to provide you with purpose and direction.

Focusing on the
Six Pillars of True Wellness

ZoeLife focuses on the six pillars of true wellness – spiritual, emotional, physical, social, intellectual and vocational health.

About ZoeLife

Following our mission to invest in the health and wellbeing of an aging population, we researched and sought out the best ideas from our partners (experts in their fields) and designed a program with all of the elements of healthy living. Its name is ZoeLife.

Zoe is Greek and means life; and possessed of vitality.

As we researched the regions of the world where people live long lives, we found that these people thrive in old age. This became our inspiration in creating ZoeLife. The practice of healthy aging.

ZoeLife is unique in a sea of health and wellness programs that minimally represent all areas of life.

ZoeLife goes much further by focusing on the six pillars of true wellness – spiritual, emotional, physical, social, intellectual and vocational health.

We see aging experienced and viewed differently in societies and cultures across the world. In many respects, age – or at least, getting older – is only as significant as you allow it to be. Many embrace it, but for some it equals a crisis of self-confidence and anxiety about how the days, weeks and months will pan out in the future.

ZoeLife is changing the conversation, imagine your day planned out with lectures, healthy food, socialization, exercise, emotional support and spiritual engagement.

ZoeLife Parkinson’s Immersion Program
With nearly one million people living with Parkinson’s Disease in the United States, the ZoeLife Parkinson’s Immersion Program (PIP) allows individuals to hit the reset button in an environment where they can live, play and work on the symptoms associated with the disease in a fun and engaging manner. Learn more HERE

P.I.P. Golf
P.I.P. Golf is a customized therapeutic golf program designed to improve and delay symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease. It is for residents who want to improve their golf game, manage symptoms, and safely continue golfing. It was designed to improve functional movement, balance, strength, flexibility, coordination, posture, conditioning, kinematic golf swing mechanics, nutrition, speech, golfing technique, and alleviate depression. Learn more HERE

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The Six Pillars of Wellness

Pillar I


Pillar II


Pillar III


Pillar IV


Pillar V


Pillar VI


What Is ZoeLife?

Zoe is a biblical word, Greek in origin and means life, vitality. Our mission for ZoeLife is; pursuing vitality through a full, active and purposeful life. ZoeLife is our culture, a broad-based lifestyle that is altering what it means to age well. It is unique in a sea of health and wellness initiatives that minimally represent all areas of life. ZoeLife is much more, it focuses on the six pillars of true wellness – spiritual, emotional, physical, social, intellectual and vocational health.

Well-being is not simply the absence of illness or chronic disease, it’s fundamentally a positive state of being where we consider all domains of human life.


“The University concept is brilliant. The lectures keep us up to date on current events. It provides a venue to get us out moving and socializing with other residents. Having this platform in place for learning how to successfully age is unprecedented.”

Sharon Wixon

“The University lectures are extremely helpful. The presenters that were chosen were well prepared and easy to understand. I was especially impresses with Barb Cunningham and her lectures on ZoeLife Nutrition. This really helped me understand why I should be eating a certain way to successfully age.”

Frank Younkin

“The University lecture program is a good challenge for old brains. The various classes keeps us learning, which I really like.”

Evan Oswald

“ZoeLife isn’t only good for you its fun and quite a social experience.”

Wanda Spain

“I applaud Glencroft Center for Modern Aging for introducing and promoting the ZoeLife program. It has enriched my life beyond words.”

Barbara Fogel

“I am so happy I took part in the Phase 2 Beta testing of ZoeLife. My flexibility and core strength has never been better!!!”

Barbara Lathrop

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